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SVA Series Softeners

SVA Series Softeners


SVA Series Softeners are the best solution for removing magnesium and calcium ions from hard water professional applications when small or large supplies are required.


SVAs are robust, mechanically used 24/7, take up little space and have a low energy footprint. The resin inside the softener is strongly cationic and able to remove all calcium and magnesium ions from treating drilling or networking water. The head is volumetric, which means that when the preset volume is reached, regeneration begins to restore the resin contained in the original state. All parts of the softener are non-toxic, suitable for drinking water and long-term use. SVA softeners are connected in series with the water system after any compression or before the reservoir, depending on the application.


The head is the hydraulic part of the softener that obeys the controller's commands and processes all the automated phases of regeneration and operation. The controller is the electronic device that stores and displays data and operations and directs functions so that everything is complete and correct automated flow.

Softening Resin

Softening resins are widely used to remove hardness ions from water. Hardness ions such as calcium and magnesium cause hard water scaling on piping and plumbing fixtures prevent soaps from sudsing and soap scum to stick to tile and other bathroom surfaces.


The media container contains the filtering media inside it while the head is positioned at the top with the controller. The mechanical characteristics of the container are high enough to withstand the weight of sand and activated carbon and water pressure.

Technical Data


  • Operation:Automatic or manual
  • Installation:Easy and fast installation.
  • Security:Full security! (12V)
  • Other:Materials suitable for food industries
  • Operation:Save salt and water during regeneration
  • Other:Smooth operation!