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UL/FM Firefighting Systems

UL/FM Firefighting Systems


Firefighting is the most important factor in safety. Building and personnel are relying on the quality and functionality of the firefighting system in case of fire. In Brentas PC we take seriously this responsibility! Current technology includes techniques, media, and more than a century of experience in order to be able to successfully eliminate the greatest risk to human life and building safety, the fire! Brentas Ltd has over 60 years history in pumps and 24 years particular experience in firefighting, thus creating a remarkable name to entrust your safety with over 5000 installed systems, strong service team, and ISO9001 certified services.


Our systems according to “National Fire Protection Association” section 20 (NFPA20), are delivered with Pump, driver, controller and fittings all materials are Factory Mutual (FM) approved and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed, specifically for fire-fighting purposes in civil and industrial sectors complying with the strictest specifications required by refineries or petrochemical industries.


UL/FM pumps according to NFPA 20

FM approved, split case pumps, bodied in cast iron, with bronze impeller, stainless steel shaft, easy to maintain, are the heart of the system. The pump tests compiling a hydrostatic test of at least 5 minutes at a pressure not less than 1.5 times the shut-off head plus maximum suction head and at any case, at a pressure not lower than 250 PSI at the manufacturer site. Pumps are able to deliver 150% of the nominal flow at no less than 65% of head at the working point, and the shut off head shall not exceed 140% of the rated head. We also perform field tests according to NFPA 20, at the presence of the authority responsible for acceptance release.


Architecture conforming with every specification

The drive engine is also an FM approved unit that is able to deliver 10% more power than the pump requires in its shaft. The derate factor on the power curve of the engine is always considered according to temperature and elevation of the plant location in order to ensure that the requested power is always applied. All engines carry instrumentation and controls for monitor and manual operation according to NFPA20. Extended capacity double batteries for each engine with two means of recharging; charger / alternator. Fuel tank’s capacity according to NFPA20 and all the appropriate ports to be installed.



High quality in connection

The controller is designed to specifically meet the latest NFPA 20 (2013), UL 218, IEC62091 and FM 1321/1323 standards for Diesel Engine Fire Pump Controllers. This controller implements the latest component and microprocessor logic technology available. It incorporates years of experience in the design and manufacture of fire pump control systems. The components are installed in a NEMA 2 (IP54) dust and drip proof enclosure with optional NEMA 4 or 4X (IP65) ratings available. Finished with the PSO396 paint. A friendly user interface (UI) device (OID) includes a 4 line back-lit LCD to allow the user to monitor all parameters and make all the necessary adjustments easily. In the controller’s cabinet, two fully automatic battery chargers are mounted, constant voltage, constant current @10Amps ensuring that the batteries are fully charged within 24 hours (up to 220Ah). The charging state is monitored.