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Desalination System

Desalination System

desalination system

The Series of Seawater or Brackish Water Desalination Systems with Reverse Osmosis consists of sophisticated water treatment units for industrial and professional applications where the need for high quality requires robustness, low energy footprint, high performance and long-lasting use. The seawater SW of Crystal Blue desalination systems are the ideal solution to address the poor quality of water and water shortages on islands, municipalities, industries, hotels, hospitals, and so on


During desalination process, seawater enters the system at high pressure and passes through membranes separating the inlet water into two fractions. The permeate and the concentrate, in which 99.8% of the permeate salts remains. The produced permeate is extremely low content in salt water suitable for water supply, irrigation and most industrial uses. The SW series combined with the pre-treatment system in a common frame with interconnected functions, can be a complete and affordable solution for producing clean water! The architecture of the unit requires minimal hydraulic lines, less space and easy access for maintenance In conclusion, this is a high quality system with no leaks and damage, maximum space utilization and easy maintenance. All the parts incorporated are characterized by high quality as they come from large world-class houses with decades of experience.


Depending on the characteristics of the inlet water and after the appropriate pre-
treatment, the role of the membrane is to maintain the quality of clean water in
acceptable levels. New technology films with excellent permeability or high on-
waste disposal and low energy consumption ensure a high efficiency
capable of supplying the highest possible amount of water with the rejection at the lowest consumption

High Pressure Pump

Depending on the particular design of the system (water quality, operating pressure,
recovery, etc.) the following types are used for maximum performance: - Rotary blade pumps - Multistage centrifugal pumps - Piston pumps with isave technology

Control Panel

Automation is the best part of SW series reverse osmosis systems, as deep knowledge and broad technological expertise has been applied to the core of PLC's programmable PLC controller. All the necessary functions for a robust system with strength are present in the controller, as well as user-friendly functions such as voltage monitoring, volume and conductivity measurement. Finally, connectivity Ethernet extends the control limits.

Technical Data


  • Power:24Vdc secondary circuit
  • Operation:LOGO Siemens control
  • Power:Native conductivity measurement
  • Power:Native powerline management (V, A, W)
  • Operation:Room Temp: 5-45oC
  • Frame:Stainless Steel
  • Operation:Water Temp: 16-35οC Inlet pressure: 1-4 bar