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FCA Series Filters are the best solution for dechlorination of professional water applications when small or large benefits are required. FCA filters are compact, robust, with mechanical 24/7 use, take up little space and have a low energy footprint. The means of filtration consists of a layer of selected spheroid quartz sand and from one or more types of activated carbon.


The activated carbon is of a granular type, of different sizes, selected for high capacity water treatment. The head is a timer, which means that when the preset time reaches, washing begins to restore the filter medium contained in its original state. The filtering medium is periodically rinsed by reverse washing using water rather than chemicals. There is a bypass adjustment on the head, which guarantees the supply of water to be treated during rinsing. All parts of the filter are non-toxic, suitable for drinking water and long-term use. FCA filters are connected in series with the water supply system after any pressure or before a tank. The head is made of NSF-certified NORYL® material and the polyethylene container enriched with fiberglass and epoxy resin for increased durability.


The head is a reliable hydraulic part of the filter, which obeys the controller's commands and processes all the automated phases of the operation and the reverse wash.

Activated Carbon

Active Carbon is quite miraculous in terms of its ability to remove contaminants, odor and bad taste from tap water. When the carbon dioxide filters pass through the active carbon filters, the resulting carbon leads to purer water output The effectiveness depends on the flow and temperature of the water.


The media container contains the filtering media inside it while the head is positioned at the top with the controller. The mechanical characteristics of the container are high enough to withstand the weight of sand and activated carbon and water pressure.

Technical Data


  • Operation:Automatic or manual
  • Installation:Easy and fast installation
  • Security:Full security! (12V)
  • Other:High quality in compact size!
  • Operation:Programmed reverse wash